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Contact Info & Map

150 Strathallan St.
Fergus, ON, N1M 1A1
Grades: JK - 8

Phone:(519) 843-3810
Fax:(519) 843-7886
Principal: Todd Goodwin


Media Contact

Members of the media are asked to direct all questions and requests to:
Ali Lupal
WCDSB Communications and Community Engagement Lead
Email: [email protected]


September 2003 (Revised February 12, 2018)


Area enclosed by:

Starting point: Beatty Line N. at County Rd 17


1. South on Beatty Line (including addresses on either side of Beatty Line) to Farley Rd. including current subdivision running off of Farley Rd. and Collie Ct.

2. Continue south on Beatty Line (including addresses on either side of Beatty Line) to Trestle Bridge Trail

3. West on Trestle Bridge Trail to Grand River

4. East following Grand River to Guelph Rd.

5. South on Guelph Rd. to Guelph St.

6. South on Guelph St (both sides including Stephens court and Ennotville) to Highway 6

7. South on Hwy. 6 (both sides) to Wellington Rd. 22

8. East on Wellington Rd. 22 to Campbell Rd.

9. South on Campbell Rd to Guelph-Nichol Townline (County Rd 51)

10. East on Guelph-Nichol Townline (County Rd 51) to Jones Baseline

11. North on Jones Baseline to County Rd 22

12. East on County Rd 22 to County Rd 29

13. North on County Rd 29 to County Rd. 22

14. East on County Rd, 22 to County 26

15. North on County Rd, 26 to Erin/Eramosa-Garafraxa Townline

16. East on Erin-Garafraxa Townline to East-West Garafraxa Townline

17. North on East-West Garafraxa Townline to Sideroad 20 (both sides)

18. West on Sideroad 20 (both sides) to Jones Baseline

19. North on Jones Baseline (not including Jones Baseline) to Nichol-Peel Townline

20. West on Nichol-Peel Townline to Beatty Line

Please Note:

1) Unless otherwise noted, the home school is the one on the same side of the street as the residence.

2) Boundaries are subject to change. Please verify with school or board office.